The new Ballarat Rowing Association (previously the Ballarat Regatta Association) was formed and its rules adopted. At the annual meeting it was decided unanimously to join the association. The club’s first delegates to the BRA were Dr.Champion, Mr. I. Coulter and   Mr. A. A. O’Dea. The annual Meeting was held at Newton’s Hotel in SturtContinue reading “1897”


Premiers! Ballarat City was the premier club in Ballarat and in the Colony of Victoria this year. We won more races than any other club including the much bigger metropolitan clubs. Although this was a year before the Victorian Rowing Association introduced official premierships, it was a highly significant achievement. We were only one yearContinue reading “1894”


Lake Wendouree was full to the brim this season, so full in fact, that on windy days the wave action was actually causing damage to the foreshore. The Annual report stated:  “We feel sure that the City Council in its regard for our beautiful watering place will cause the required improvements and renovations to beContinue reading “1893”


Times were still economically very hard in the district and indeed the Colony of Victoria. Despite this, the club still managed to increase its subscription and reduce its overdraft by another fifteen pounds. At the Annual meeting in 1892 W.P.Bechervaise was again elected president. Early in the season the club suffered a blow when theContinue reading “1892”


Today is my 20th post and I have covered briefly the development of Ballarat City Rowing Club over its first 20 years. Club affairs were on an upward trajectory. For three years we had been winless but the new crop of maiden oarsmen were maturing and were poised to again bring home the trophies. TheContinue reading “1890”


Finally this season life at the club and in the town seemed to settle down. The economy had somewhat stabilised and with it the employment of members. There were no departures of officers this season and club stalwart Daniel Brophy, having returned from his lengthy overseas sojourn, again took his place and chaired the AnnualContinue reading “1889”