1924 Regatta success

The Annual meeting this season was held at the Wattle Tearooms in Lydiard Street on Saturday, September 12th. The president was Dr. E.Champion. This season continued the success of the previous season with the club scoring seven wins and finishing in fourth place on the VRA Junior Premiership. Financially the club finished the year with a credit balance of forty-five pounds after meeting expenses totalling two hundred and sixty pounds. Unfortunately though the building fund only grew by an amount of eighteen pounds and that was thanks to the generous donation of Mrs. (Aunty) Ure-Taylor and a six-pound donation from Mr Joe Bickart. Membership increased slightly to 52 members.

To address the shortfall in the building fund a meeting was held in May this year the Ballarat City Rowing Social Club was formed with the express goal of raising money for a new boatshed. The Social Committee also had five young ladies elected to committee. Misses L. Scott, L. King, O. Browne, E. Creelman, G. Waller and D. Sainesbury joined Joe Bickart, Bob Kerr, W.Cook, B.Messenger, R. Brown, Jack Lawrie and Ted Edwards to plan and run dances at the Town Hall. This they did very successfully holding four dances this year.

The club was well represented at most regattas this season and our win rate was very good. The fact that there were more regattas and the club was attending more with four or five crews and scullers meant that we were able to put wins on the board at most regattas. The first regatta of the season was VRA regatta. The Maiden four of A.B.Chibnall,W.Cook, A.Glazner and J.Gleeson with Cotter James the cox were successful at this regatta. This was followed by the Special Maiden Regatta also on the Yarra, but all though crews raced well they did not score a win. At Upper Yarra and Albert Park Regattas the the lightweight four of Otto Hauser, J.Stoddart, Frank Findlay and Len Johnson had a win, as did the Maiden pair of Willie Luke and Ace Wilson. At Ballarat Regatta Carl Ehms carried off first place in the Maiden sculls.

At Barwon Regatta the club was successful in winning the coveted double in the Lightweight Fours. At Bairnsdale and sale Regattas the Maiden four of J.Blakely, H.Waller, Otto Hauser, B.Messenger and Cotter James as coxswain took out the double winning at both regattas while the Maiden eight of Jack Lawrie,J.Stoddart, N.Hullick, R.Kerr, J.B.Walters, J.Gleeson,W.Cook and L.Johnson with cox Teddy Jones were successful at Bairnsdale Regatta.

At Ballarat Regatta this year Zachariah Giles, who had rowed in the famous 1873 Intercolonial four for the club, was present at Ballarat Regatta. Mr. Giles is the elderly, bearded gentleman with the wooden leg seated in the centre of the photo. He lost his leg in a railway accident which finished his very successful rowing career!

Committee of Ballarat City Rowing Club 1924 with Zachariah Giles most successful oarsman of the 1870’s
Back row:Jack Lawrie,Ted Edwards,George Eaton,Joe Bickart,Carl Ehms,R.Brown
Front row:Otto Ehms,T.Herbert,Alfred Dawson,Zachariah Giles,Charles Suffren,George Davis
Front:K.(Pompey)Elliott,Cotter James
Ballarat Regatta 1924
Menu from the 1924 club dinner tendered by Joe Bickart on April 24th ,to celebrate the success of the winning crews for the 1923-24 season. Somebody had a sense of humour!

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