The club only recorded one win in 1876 .At the 1876 Ballarat regatta the crew of A.S. Brown, J.Fitzgerald, W.Crampton, Arthur Gibbs won the Senior gig race. Ballarat regatta this year was a combined rowing and sailing event, and there were more sailing events than rowing events. Subscriptions were raised in an effort to payContinue reading “1876”


City had the distinction of being one of the three crews to race in the first ever eight-oared race held in Australia, where we placed third. This race was held at the Melbourne Regatta 1875 and was won by the Civil Service crew with the Warehouse Rowing Club second. Both these clubs are long sinceContinue reading “1875”


The early 1872 Ballarat Regatta Committee, made up of representatives from both clubs, again organized the Ballarat Regatta to be held on Lake Wendouree again. It was decided to ask the Water Commission permission to enclose part of the reserve near the boathouses to erect a grandstand to improve conditions for spectators. This they dulyContinue reading “1872”


Not letting the grass grow under their feet the committee organised in December 1870 several new boats from Melbourne sent by Mr James Edwards for the approval of the club. They comprised one streak gig, three scullers boats, one bat-wing pair and two clinker four-oared gigs. The club obviously purchased at least some of theseContinue reading “1871”