1920 Roaring into the 20’s

I have chosen to copy this report verbatim to give an indication of the social and sporting tone of the club in this era. It is taken from the Ballarat Courier Monday August 30th 1920

The annual meeting of the Ballarat City Rowing Club was held at the City Hall on Saturday night. The president (Mr. A. W. Bennett) presided over a good attendance. Representatives were present from other clubs.

 In moving the adoption of the report and balance sheet, the president said they had every reason to feel proud because the club was gradually mounting the ladder of success. He felt quite sure from the sportsmanlike manner in which the committee worked there was a good season in front of them. The club had been represented in regatta contests, and its representatives knew how to take defeat. (!) The regattas had kept the competitive spirit keen and the rivalry had done them good. If the members put the same amount of enthusiasm into the sport during the coming season they would achieve success, and if they did he believed that the other clubs would be equally pleased with themselves. The Ballarat club had met them in sporting spirit. Financially their position was strong. The credit balance was 37 pounds and their assets represented the respectable sum of over 900 pounds. The secretary had done splendid work and deserved the heartiest congratulations. Mr. J. Scott seconded the motion that was then carried.

The officers were then elected: -president, Mr. A. W. Bennett; Vice-presidents, Messrs. J. Morton, Dr. Champion, J. Tulloch, C. H. Bunce, F. Herman, J. B. Cameron, W. Brazenor: Captain, P. Cram; Vice captain, J. Hodgkins; Secretary, G. M. Eaton; Treasurer, J. Scott; Committee, C. Ehms, T. Stevens, T.Truman, H. Richardson, W. Quirk, V. McGee.

Twenty-four new members nominated.

After the business was transacted a smoke social night was held. The toasts honoured were: -‘The King., by the chairman; ‘Sister Clubs’, ‘Retiring Officers’, ‘The Regatta association’ and ‘Performers’. The musical programme comprised songs by Messrs. J. Woods, R. Hill, R. Kelly, T. Truman and L. Kelly: violin solo, Mr. J. Armstrong; and cornet solo, Mr. H .Black. Mr. Windram was the accompanist.

Ballarat Regatta was held on February 21st this year, the first one after 5 years suspension due to the war. The Lake had also been dry during 1915 and 1916 so it was a huge celebration when the regatta was revived with all its “former glamour and popular interest.” There were decorated boats yachts and craft of all shapes and sizes enjoying the clear, bright, sunny day. About 300 oarsmen participated. The President of the VRA, Mr. W. Joseph attended as did John Lang whose sterling work the “Victorian Oarsman” was also in attendance. Ballarat City was successful in winning the Maiden pairs with the crew of J.Scott and J.Hodgkins with E. Jones cox. This began the stellar career of Edward, known as Teddy, Jones, coxswain extraordinaire, who would continue to steer City crews to victory for the next 40 years. I think there is probably not a coxswain in Australia who had such a long and valuable service to a single club.

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