Finally the war was over. The boys were at last coming home. Life could begin to return to normal. Sadly the world would never be the same and many of the boys did not return. Of those that did return many would never be the same again either.

“With the signing of the armistice and subsequent peace treaty, the difficulties under which the club was carried were lifted and many old members, who for the past three or four years had been on active service returned and have entered into sport and club affairs. With the early return of others it is confidently anticipated the club will emerge from the past troublous years in a stronger position than before.”

Thus began the Annual report of 1918-19.Rowing was off to a slow start again. Facilities were in poor repair and much equipment needed replacing. Training had to be commenced and the club reorganised. The first regatta entry post war was a maiden four that competed at Colac Regatta, New Year’s Day 1919.The four, who took the honours winning the first race for the club and raising the hopes of all for a new and successful era, was R. Greville, A. Davies, T. Truman and J. Hodgkins with J. Wilson the cox.

At Ballarat Novice Regatta Mr. P. Cram, club captain, won the Novice sculling race. The club held numerous scratch and trial fours throughout the season. Donations of trophies for these races were received from Mr. Jas. Tulloch, W. M. Reid, G. Vickery and St. Patrick’s College.

No new boats were purchased but the captain Mr. Cram overhauled all the equipment and made sure it was kept in good repair. The north side of the jetty was rebuilt by the members volunteering their time and labour.

Financially the club improved our position ending the year with a credit balance of 19 pounds 13 shillings and 10 pence.

Lt. Col.Bennett was re-elected to the position of president. In returning thanks for his re-election Lt. Col.Bennett said that he had always stuck by the club although he regretted that many had allowed their interest to diminish. They had the stuff and with proper training they had ample material with which to furnish champion crews. Vice Presidents were Lt.Col. Morton, Dr. Edward Champion, Andrew Alipius O’Dea, C.H.Bunce, J.B.Cameron,F.Hermanand J.Tulloch. Vice Captain was J.Hodgkins; Secretary, George Eaton  and treasurer A.A.O’Dea.

Life was beginning again at the old club.

Peter Cram, Captain BCRC 1919 and winner Novice Sculls

Peter Cram who won Novice sculls in 1919. He was also the club Captain and worked very hard getting the club up and running after the war. He was a cabinet maker by trade and hand carved a very ornate frame for the photo of winning Maiden pair in 1911. He presented it to the club. There is also a smaller photo in a hand carved frame hanging in the boatshed today.

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