1971 -The wakeup call! Beginning of women’s rowing in Ballarat.

It began with this letter to the Editor of the Ballarat Courier asking the question why there were no opportunities for women to row. It was published on the 25th of February 1971 and was signed “Discontented Shore-bound girls.” It drew attention to the fact the while Ballarat had three rowing clubs, not one ofContinue reading “1971 -The wakeup call! Beginning of women’s rowing in Ballarat.”


As the rowing season 2021- 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the first women’s club in Ballarat and also significantly, the first women’s regatta held on Lake Wendouree in January 1972, it seemed an appropriate time to research further into the Begonia City Ladies Rowing Club history, particularly their struggles to establish the first women’sContinue reading “CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF WOMEN’S ROWING IN BALLARAT”


William Brazenor was born on 7 April 1888 at Ballarat, son of William Brazenor and Ellen Coogan. On his birth certificate his name is listed William Brazenor Coogan. His father William married Maria Smythe, a widow with four children, in June 1888. It appears that William became part of the Brazenor family. Tragically his motherContinue reading “LIEUTENANT COL.WILLIAM BRAZENOR MiD (3), DSO and Bar”

Company Sarg. Major, Horace Raymond Griffin

Horace (Horry) Raymond Griffin was born in 1886 in Ballarat. He was the son of John and Elizabeth Griffin of Mair Street, Ballarat. His father was a farrier in Mair Street. He was educated at Christian Brother’s school in Drummond Street. Horry was a popular figure in Ballarat sporting circles; he played football for theContinue reading “Company Sarg. Major, Horace Raymond Griffin”