ANZAC 2022 Tributes- Captain Frederick Coldwell-Smith

This post is a tribute to one of the fifteen men who I discovered were listed on the club’s original honour board but are not currently included. I hope to have these names added to the board so that their story can be told. I discovered recently, while researching further into the stories of membersContinue reading “ANZAC 2022 Tributes- Captain Frederick Coldwell-Smith”


Ballarat City Rowing Club, Ballarat Regatta Association 1889-1895-Captain 1904-05 Vice-president 1908-1909 Vice-president 1910-1915 President 1918-1922 President 1923 Racing pair christened Col.A.W.Bennett Alfred Wilton Bennett was born in 1866. He married Elizabeth Bentley, whose father owned Craig’s Hotel, in 1887. He and his wife lived in Neil Street, Ballarat. He ran the family jewellery business startedContinue reading “Lieutenant Colonel ALFRED WILTON BENNETT V.D.”

Lieutenant William Arthur Holtham

For Remembrance Day today, I thought this would be a fitting post. LEST WE FORGET. Lieutenant WILLIAM (Billy) ARTHUR HOLTHAM– Ballarat City Rowing Club, Hawthorn Rowing Club 1913 Ballarat City Rowing Club and Ballarat Agricultural High School 1913 Henley Regatta, Bow: W. Holtham, 2. J.Cross, 3. P. Cross and stroke C. Manners, cox W. GribbleContinue reading “Lieutenant William Arthur Holtham”