Ninety members of the Ballarat City Rowing Club enlisted for World War 2 and of those 8 men were killed serving their country. Several were also POW’s in Germany and Japan. My current research is to find their names and record their stories.

                                          LEST WE FORGET


BANNISTER A.                     HILL H.                          MCKEWON F.E.

BANCROFT H.                      HOBSON L.                   O’DONNELL J.  (K)

BARNETT S.J.                       HOLDEN W.                  PRING F.            (K)

BATES C.                               HULLOCK N.               REILLY H.

BROWNE A.K.                       HUGO V.                      REILLY J.           (K)

BROWNE B.                           JONES E.                    ROBERTS J.

CALLAHAN F.                       KEITH K.D.                  ROGERS J.

CRISTOPHERSON P.             KEMP K.                       RICHARDS D.

CROSTWAITE W.                  KING O.                        ROUSCH H.       (K)

DAVIS F.                                LILLINGSTON A.G.     SCULLY B.

DEAN H.                                 LITHGOW J.                SANDALL J.R.

DESNOY A.J.C.                      LUKE H.                        SLATTERY G.

DIXON W.                               LYTHE E.                      STEVENS J.

ELLIOT K.                              LONG W.                       STEVENS K.

GLUTH G.                              MIDDLETON L.            STOREY R.

GRENFELL J.                         MITCHELL J.                TOWNS R.

HALSTEAD A.                        MURRAY W.                WRAY F.

HARE I.  (K)                            MCKAY J.                     ZILLIES L.

H.BATES                                 MCGUIRE J.A.


AUGUSTINI L.                GLASS H.                MITCHELL R.          RANDS I. (K)

BEECHIE G.J.                  LEACH J.B.             MOON F.                  SELKIRK W.

BIRCH J.                          LEE  N.                     MOON R.                SNEDDON W.

BROOKS J.                      HENDERSON G.     LAWSON S.               STEPHENS J.

BRYANT W.                    HOLLOWAY T.T.    JOHNSON L.            STRICK W.

EHMS A.                           MARES L.             McKENZIE M.(K)   TAIT S.

EHMS W.                          MATHEWS M.        PINNEY W.              TEFLER R.

                                                      WESTCOTT R.(K)


ALLEN E.                      PHILLIPS C.                PRING W.                 RAPKINS J.

The club lost its original Honour boards in the boatshed fire of 1950. It would take until 2004, as part of my history research and with a grant I obtained from the Department of Veteran Affairs, to replace them. The new Honour boards were dedicated at a ceremony on the 8th of May, 2004, 54 years after they were lost and the names of those who served lost from memory. I am proud to have restored this important part of the club’s history.

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