2014 Victorian Sprint four Championship

It certainly has been a busy year for the club with significant achievements in all spheres of our operations-competition, social activities, fundraising, recruiting and fleet upgrades. The racing season commenced at the end of 2013 and Jordan’s squad of school rowers were well placedto outdo last season’s achievements. A strong contingent of junior rowers attendingContinue reading “2014 Victorian Sprint four Championship”

2013 Back in the winner’s circle.

Four outstanding events occurred this season-the first, early in the season, was the boating of an all Ballarat City men’s eight for the first time since the Country Championships of 1995. The second was also racing related with our first women’s eight since 1980’s competing at the last regatta of the season Footscray. This wasContinue reading “2013 Back in the winner’s circle.”

2011 The slow return

Committee 2010-2011 President: Danny Elliott, Secretary: Kate Elliott, Treasurer: Norm Young, Captain of Boats: Ron Young, Committee: Tim Wise, Belinda Bilney,Wayne Lyle, Barry Lyle, Rower: Jordan O’Keefe, Trustee: Mr. Albie McGuire. These were the people who kept the club going during the six long years of drought. They were there at the beginning and theyContinue reading “2011 The slow return”