Times were still economically very hard in the district and indeed the Colony of Victoria. Despite this, the club still managed to increase its subscription and reduce its overdraft by another fifteen pounds.

At the Annual meeting in 1892 W.P.Bechervaise was again elected president. Early in the season the club suffered a blow when the secretary Mr. Herbert H. Gall became ill just after the Annual Meeting, and due to the severity and persistence of the illness, departed Ballarat and moved to NSW. An illuminated address and gold medal were conveyed to him by Mr Rodier Bentley, brother of the Vice-president William Bentley. Mr. J. B. Cameron, the treasurer, was then elected to the position of secretary. The president Mr. Bechervaise also took a leave of absence due to ill health. He was given a complimentary banquet at Craig’s Hotel attended by about 100 of Ballarat’s prominent citizens. He had been postmaster of Ballarat for nearly 30 years. The Mayor Mr. Charles Collet Shoppee was chairman for the evening and presented Mr. Bechervaise with an illuminated address.. Mayor Shoppee was also a Vice-President of the club. Despite these problems the club was still progressing successfully both in numerically and financially. It had been in existence upward of twenty years with a long list of prominent names involved and successes achieved. It had been “in every way progressing and identical with the growth of our fair city.”

The Opening of the season was again a procession of the three clubs marshalled by Mr. Bechervaise. Unfortunately inclement weather somewhat spoiled the effect.

The first series of scratch races were the scratch fours raced for trophies of twenty pounds value donated by Captain Bennett and Mr. E. B. Wells. The winning crew was C. E. Denniston, E. Ward, F. Taylor and J.  Ferris. In the pair-oared series J. Ferris and A. Clarke were the successful crew. This was followed by the regular competition for Officers’ trophies competed for by the full rowing strength of the club and after spirited trials the winners were W. Lamont, W. Grey, J. Ferris and D. Clarke.

At Ballarat Regatta John Anwyl won the Maiden sculls and at Barwon Regatta the Junior Eight, with one or two new oarsman from the previous season were able to carry off the trophies. The victorious crew were George Rayworth, R. A. Petrie, H. Gullen, John Anwyl, William Lamont, J. Ferris, A. Lorimer and H. Adair.

The club again purchased two new boats a new racing clinker eight and racing clinker pair.

C.C.. Shoppe 1854. Vice President BCRC and Mayor of Ballarat 1891-92 ; 1897-98
BALLARAT ANNUAL REGATTA, MARCH 1892,MAIDEN SCULlS Won by John Anwyl, Ballarat City Rowing Club
Barwon Regatta, Junior Eights, BCRC, John Anwyl, No.5, 1892
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