While this season was not as successful as last on the water the club never the less managed to record 19 wins for the year. After 17 years as treasurer Norm Young retired. He had been quiet achiever who managed to keep us afloat during the drought when we had no water and no members and only the rent from Lake Physio regularly coming in. He was always fair and equitable and always allowed people he knew had difficulty paying to pay their membership off or if they were doing work for the club maintenance or coaching then he would make allowances for this. He did that with the full support of the President, as we wanted the club to be accessible and equitable to everyone that wanted row. He would be impossible to replace both as Treasurer and an unbelievably hardworking committee member and we would miss his steady presence, fairness and dry sense of humour. Kathryn Mills took over as treasurer and Mike Doust was Captain this year and Annette Weir Vice-Captain. In order to give newer members some sense of how the club had operated for the last 147 years, we documented some club values. It was hoped that by including them in Member Booklets people would read and take on board these values.

The club implemented a Child Safety policy to comply with new legislation that came into force on the 1/1/2017. Policy was adopted 6/3/2017 Formally adopted Rowing Victoria Codes of Behaviour and Member Protection Policy 3/4/2017 and a Communications Policy adopted 5/2/2017. It was again hoped that members would be more aware and adhere to these policies, especially the Codes of Behaviour. We appointed Member Protection officers Bernie Wise and Kellie Dunn to assist in implementing policy and also for members to have a point of contact if they had an issue. This would hopefully take pressure off the President and Secretary who up until this point were expected to deal with any and all issues and disputes. These policies were posted on the club website and more accessible to all members.

The Annual Dinner was held at the Ballarat Golf Club. Danielle Foley and Kath Mills organised the evening. The following awards were presented Danny Elliott Perpetual Trophy- Most Successful Oarsman-Jamie McDonald , runner up-Sue Peacock Kate Elliott Perpetual Trophy- Most Successful Junior Oarsman-Sam Oostendorp and the Norm Angow Perpetual Trophy-Clubman of the Year-Mike Doust. Ted Edwards Perpetual Trophy-Contribution to Committee-Annette Weir

Australia Day Fireworks a BYO BBQ and gold coin donation evening raised $63. A pleasant evening was enjoyed by about 40 members and families. Ballarat City Community Impact Grant was applied for by Meg Merrylees and was successful in obtaining a grant for sculling oars for our junior program.  A Working Bee was held and painting, repairs to the jetty, bird defences and general tidying up around the shed was completed. Some of the racking that was collapsing was also repaired.

We were again fortunate to have Lake Physio as a tenant. Their contribution to the club over the years has made a substantial difference to the club. Without the regular income this has bought in, we would not have any of the equipment we currently have, we would not have had enough money in our Term deposit to take out a loan to replace the roof and re-paint, re-render and restore the boatshed. The Ballarat City Council were reviewing their Leasing/licensing policy and whatever the final policy , it would have long term impacts not just for our club but for all the clubs around the Lake.

Regattas attended:

  1. SALTWATER CHALLENGE 03/09/16 3 Entries 1 Win
  2. BENDIGO SPRINT REGATTA 15/10/16 15 Entries 4 Wins
  3. NESTLE-HAMILTON REGATTA 05/11/16 18 Entries 2 Wins
  4. CARRUM REGATTA 03/12/16 3 Entries 2 Wins
  5. BALLARAT REGATTA 21/01/17 7 Entries 2 Wins
  6. BARWON REGATTA 28-29/01/17 2 Entries
  7. WENDOUREE BALLARAT REGATTA4-5/02/17 11 Entries 2 Wins
  8. NAGAMBIE REGATTA 18-19/02/17 1 Entry
  10. GEELONG MASTERS REGATTA 08/04/17 9 Entries 4 Wins
  11. BALLARAT MASTERS REGATTA 22/04/17 8 Entries 2 Wins
  12. WORLD MASTERS GAMES – NZ 24-28/04/17 10 Entries 1 Gold 2 Silver 1 Bronze Female Masters B 2- Sue Peacock, Kathryn Mills Silver Female Masters D 8+ Sue Peacock/ MUBC Composite Gold
  13. VICTORIAN MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS 5 Entries 1 Gold 6-7/05/17 3 Silver
  14. AUSTRALIAN MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS 15 Entries 1 Gold 1 Club Gold 18-21/05/17 3 Silver
  15. Henley Masters – UK 21-22/07/17 3 Entries


1.We value and respect the traditions, the culture and the history of the Ballarat City Rowing Club

2.We value and respect the contribution of volunteers both past and present

3. We value and respect the achievements of rowers, coaches and administrators both past and present

4. We value a safe and inclusive environment for all members

5. We value and respect dedication and persistence both in training and in racing

6. We value and respect the health and safety of all members particularly out junior members

7.We value and respect club property-facilities, equipment and resources

8.We value and respect relationships between external bodies who contribute to our club-ie Lake Physiotherapy, Ballarat City Council, Ballarat Rowing Association,Rowing Victoria

9.We value and respect timely, purposeful and succinct communication between members

10. We value and respect member’s privacy and their right to choose the method in which the club communicates with them

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