1975 100th Annual Report

The 100th Annual meeting was held on September 2nd 1975.The trophies presented were Most Improved Novice-Jim Burzacott, Most Successful Oarsman-Ron Taylor and Clubman of the Year-Danny Elliott. Graeme Angow was returned as president this season and Rob McGuire continued, as secretary. Mr. Alf Quick became treasurer after Mr. Bob Lawrie retired serving over twenty-five years as treasurer.In recognition of his sterling service presentation was made to him of an engraved silver tray. He continued to act as Honorary Auditor for another 15 or so years.  Danny Elliott was elected Captain with Bill Davies Vice-Captain. Begonia City Ladies again had their own committee with Margaret Young, captain, Mary Young, vice-captain and Mary Gallagher elected as secretary

Among the 19 new nominations for membership was Tim Wise. Tim Wise was to start his career at City as a cox and would go on to become the most successful oarsman ever to row for City. Indeed his number of wins at regattas -by my calculations pushing 200- championships wins at all levels, World Masters Championships, Australian Championships, Victorian Championships and representing Victoria and Australia as a sculler and in a double scull with Sam Golding at World Championships, would be impossible to beat. His contribution to the club and rowing plus the length and breadth of his achievements and his rowing career would have been equalled by only a handful of oarsmen in Australia.

Ralph Murphy took on handling all the hall hiring and members had to pitch in to clean up after functions, polishing the floor, washing dishes and sweeping up. Unfortunately the type of hiring’s left a little to be desired being mainly 21st birthday parties and the like which were generally boozy affairs. I remember one particular Sunday morning turning up to clean and there was a beer waterfall down the stairs! The party goers had had a keg upstairs and when they had enough to drink they poured the rest down the stairs. Another highlight was a Greek association dinner and we came in to find fetta cheese and broken crockery all over the floor. We did sometimes wonder if it was actually worth all the work for the small amount of money it bought in.

 Rowing wise at Dimboola and Warrnambool we had a winning Novice pair of N.Trevena and Ron Young. Also at Warrnambool Ron Young rowed with Daryl Calvert and won a Lightweight Maiden pair. They would go on to win at Colac, Barwon and Ballarat and the Begonia Festival Night Regatta which was run for the third year. The club had a Maiden eight entered at Ballarat Regatta which was held in very windy conditions this year. The cross wind made starting in the eight almost impossible. I rowed in my very first Ballarat Regatta in the crew of Anne Maree Grace, Pauline Gallagher and Tracey Kriz with me in bow seat so I couldn’t cause too much trouble! We were coached by Danny Elliott. We came last out of four crews in a first and final. A not so auspicious start. There was a second Begonia City Ladies crew of H.Quinlan, M.Gallagher, M.Quinlan and C.Brown. However they scratched and I have no recollection of ever seeing them again.

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