1965 Out of the doldrums

The Annual Meeting was held at the boatshed on September 24th 1965 and the 90th Annual Report presented to the club.  Although Alan Dixon was Captain for most of the year at the Annual meeting he was elected to the Secretary’s job after Albert Harden stepped down. Daryl Brown took on the Captains role supported by Ian Angow as Vice-Captain. Frank Findlay survived the challenges of last year and continued as President and the indefatigable Bob Lawrie was almost irreplaceable as Treasurer. Simon Newcomb from Mercantile became our VRA delegate and it was he who donated the first Most Successful Novice trophy that was presented for about 20 years.

There was a concentrated campaign by all members to bring in new recruits which resulted in 14 new memberships. It was hoped that these new members would help put the club back on a competitive footing again. This did indeed prove to be the case with more regattas attended and although not many wins, we again had a Maiden and Novice four competing at several regattas. The Novice four of Ian Angow, Mike Rowan, Damien Hickey and Terry Austin with cox Stan Butler won their race by three lengths at Wentworth Regatta. They were our only winning crew of the 1964-65 season but given a season of racing now under their belts the next season promised to be more successful.

The Ladies Auxiliary had been running for three years and continued to cater at all regattas on the Lake with considerable funds being raised. The club was also holding quite successful Dances that were being run by club members and that also served to raise considerable funds.

Mr.Harden concluded the Annual Report with “…..the Club has at last made an upward trend because of the interest taken by the new members and the added stimulus of the old “die hards” who have stuck on through the tough times. Let us hope sincerely that this trend will continue, and it will, if we all do our best for the club at all times.”

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