1952 Progressing slowly

The boatshed site cleared of debris 1951/52

The Annual meeting was again held at the Anglers Lodge on Wednesday September 24th..Just prior to the Annual meeting a significant event in the re-building of the shed took place. On the 10th of August 1952 the Mayor of Ballarat, Councilor Bill Webb, laid the foundation stone for the new club house. This stone was never cemented into the wall as it was laid prior to the walls going up. Until this photograph was discovered no-one even knew of its existence. The club has not yet been able to locate it.

 Rowing activities for the year were reported as excellent. It was as though, through adversity, the club united and strengthened in all its activities. The club recorded 8 wins, the most significant of these being a double/double at Mildura and Wentworth regattas when the club won the Maiden eights and Lightweight fours on both days. This placed us fourth on the Lightweight Premiership. Although we didn’t win any races at Ballarat Regatta it is worth noting that this year was the first time the regatta was held on the Olympic course with the finish in the south west (Convent) corner. Only six crews could now row abreast so the regatta was made longer by having to run heats and finals. On the old mile course that ran from the Covent corner to the rowing club boatsheds the record was 18 eights lined up at the start. This is actually a world record!

The Social Committee held in their account over 500 pounds and the club managed to finish the year in credit. The Replacement and Reconstruction account stood at 457 pounds. The club had managed to acquire and buy a fleet that now consisted of five boats and eighteen oars-two practice fours, two practice pairs and one practice eight-all of which were housed at St. Patrick’s boatshed. This meant borrowing boats to race in or being hopelessly outclassed with practice boats in races as happened the season previous with the Champion lightweight eight. All in all, the men racing at this time must have been good to overcome such a handicap making even more remarkable any successes achieved under such difficulties.

Ballarat Rowing Association held an Open Day at which thirteen of our members competed with Bobby Jones (son of Teddy Jones) of City steering the winning combination four. Inter club races were again started but after two events cancelled for the remainder of the season. The Novice Regatta was held at the start of the season over the new regatta course. Ballarat Rowing club won the main event, the novice fours, City won the Maiden eight and Wendouree the Novice sculls. The club held its Open Day with the usual Ladies Nomination pairs for trophies donated by the Angler’s Club. These were won by K. Meyers and R. Leister with B. Jones Cox. After the racing afternoon tea was served in the sunshine on St. Pat’s Point followed by the presentation of trophies by Mr. Mudie president of the Angler’s Club.

The Social Committee continued to run the weekly dances and show a satisfactory profit. The club again had Badminton teams entered in the local pennant. The committee placed on order this season one tub scull and one racing four.

Eights race on the new Olympic course 1952
World record 18 eights at the start of the old mile course 1938.
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