1942 Lockdown

The office bearers for this season were again Mr. C. H. Bunce as president. In nominating him Mr. T. C. Edwards said that he had done a wonderful job and that he was absolutely indispensable. Vice-presidents were Messrs. C. N. Tulloch, G. Vickery, Jack Lawrie, J. McLeish, Joe Bickart, Ted Edwards and T. J. Stevens. Mr. F. Davis took on the job as captain and Mr. R. Mitchell the vice-captain. Ted Edwards continued as treasurer and Mr. Len Johnson filled the role of secretary. The committee saw some of the younger members who hadn’t yet enlisted step up and do their bit. Warwick Ehms and Wally Long were two who would later join the Forces. Also on the committee were E. Allen, J. Leach, H. Groves, H. Troon and H. Hill.

At the 71st Annual meeting held in November 1942 it was reported that there were now 65 members of the club in the fighting forces, 43 in the Army, 19 in the R.A.A.F and three in the Navy. Six are in the V.D.C. The meeting stood in silence in memory of the five members who had already lost their lives in the war. Five were also reported to be prisoners of war and one reported missing in action. Obviously the impact of the war on the club’s activities was becoming more severe but the club remained in a satisfactory position. Activities for the next season would be further reduced and the committee decided to close the boathouse for the remainder of the war with the view that it was the club’s duty to preserve the equipment for members currently serving in the war.

The Ladies’ Committee continued to do wonderful work for the finances of the club. Mr. Joe Bickart resigned as trustee of the club and a letter was sent to him thanking him for his services. Joe had joined after World War 1 when he served in the Field Ambulance. He had given outstanding service to the club over 30 years and was one of the leading organisers of the Social Committee. Without his key role on that Committee it would have been much more difficult to achieve the goal of building and paying for the new shed in 1932.So far I haven’t found any evidence of a presentation or retirement dinner being tendered. He certainly deserved recognition.

On the competition side of things during the season a four had been sent to Dimboola Regatta and to the VRA Regatta and although neither crew had won they had put up a good race. Some of the members formed a badminton team and played in the Ballarat Badminton Competition. Some of the games where held in the hall upstairs at both Ballarat City’s boatshed and Ballarat Rowing Club. The team were successful in winning the Premiership and Mr. Warwick Ehms presented the cup won by the team to the Rowing Club. The president promised it would be shown in a prominent place in the dance hall. One new member was nominated.      

Winning Ballarat City Rowing Club badminton team 1942, with the cup, pictured on the jetty at the boathouse. From left to right: Mavis Rapkins, Warwick Ehms, Joyce ?,Teddy Hanrahan, unknown, Jack Hughes, Em Coad, Ted Allen. In 1994 this tradition would be revived and “The Rowers” Badminton team initially made up up Ballarat City members started in E grade. Two of us, myself and my husband continued to play for many years eventually winning premierships in every grade up to A in the Ballarat Badminton competition. We played over winter mainly as an addition to our rowing training

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