1933 First Annual Meeting in new shed

This season saw the first Annual meeting in the new clubhouse. The Annual report opened with the following:“This past year will go down as one of the most outstanding years in the annals of our club for it marks the realisation of an ambition long cherished by members, the opening of the new boathouse. The Opening took place on December 10th 1932 before a gathering of rowing men from across the state. The Victorian Rowing Association was represented by Col. Semmens who also performed the official opening ceremony. He then presented the club with a silver key suitably inscribed to mark the occasion. After the ceremony all the guests and members were entertained to afternoon tea. In January of 1933, the president Mr. Bunce to thank all the members of the Social committee who had helped raise funds for the new building hosted a picnic at Burrumbeet.” A photograph was taken of the group on the jetty of the new shed on Sunday afternoon August 13th followed by afternoon tea provided by Mr. Joe Bickart, who was the president of the Social Committee. The smiling faces still convey the pride this group felt in achieving the task that at times had seemed impossible.

Possibly due to the long overdue achievement of such a fine clubhouse, training and racing did not achieve great heights in the 1932-33 Season. In fact the club only scored one win for the season a Lightweight pair at Colac. The crew who had the honour of being our sole success were T. Hawkins, M. Hayes and cox L. Allen. Despite the huge outlay of 2327 pounds for the new boathouse the club still finished the year in a reasonable financial position. The weekly dances still providing regular income but the payment of subscriptions still continued to be a problem. The effects of the Depression were still very much in evidence. At the end of 1933 the club competed at Henley Regatta and the Ballarat Novice Regatta. At the Novice Regatta he club had two Novice fours, a Maiden eight, Lightweight four and a Novice sculler with the Maiden eight winning their race. The Maiden eight were Gordon Whitworth, S. Tait, P. Moon ,K. Keith ,M. Price, T. Hawkins, Matt O’Leary, Maurice O’Leary with Teddy Jones the coxswain.

Only two Scratch pair races were held for the year with Messrs. R. Keith and L. L. Zilles winning the first and R. Aley and C. James the second. On March 11th 1933 a new racing pair was christened the JACK LAWRIE in appreciation of the excellent services rendered by this gentleman. Mrs. Bunce, wife of the president, performed the ceremony.

In regards to the rest of the fleet Mr.Ted Edwards and Mr. Otto Hauser led a small band of workers who repaired and revarnished boats. They also built a workbench and began erecting concrete retaining walls from the boathouse to the shoreline. New sculling oars were purchased and a set of racing oars was ordered ready for delivery at the commencement of the next season. Mr. J. Beattie and Mr. J. Roberts conducted Athletics’ Club for training purposes during the winter months. This was much appreciated by the participants and the benefits would hopefully show in the next regatta season.

The façade of the “new “ boathouse completed in 1932.

Standing in front of the shed from left to right are R. Lester, Alf Quick, Cliff McCahon, F. Murray, T.C.(Ted)Edwards, Teddy Jones, Robert Jones, Frank Findlay, Otto Hauser. Teddy Jones’ Indian motorbike that he used to ride around is also parked out the front.

The Social Club. Club President Mr.Charles Bunce in the centre with Joe Bickart on his left. This photo was taken on Sunday August 13th. Mr. Bickart then entertained the whole committee to afternoon tea at the boatshed.

View of the Ballarat City Rowing Club boatshed from Ballarat Rowing Club jetty on Ballarat Regatta day circa 1949
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