In reviewing the year it was felt that the general depression in the Ballarat district had affected the club and all athletic institutions. Ballarat saw the departure of more young men in this twelve months than in any other since the discovery of gold. Despite losing many members, both old stalwarts and young prospects, theContinue reading “1886”


Early this year the club had considerable success at regattas winning six races including a Grand Challenge Cup. However towards the end of the year there would be a major change that would impact the club for the rest of the decade.Many long-time members of both the City club and the Ballarat Club retired orContinue reading “1884”


One of the racing highlights this season was at Ballarat Regatta. It was the first time that five eights had faced the starter in a Victorian regatta. Most courses could only have two or three crews across. Our Senior eight was beaten narrowly into second place at Ballarat and also Barwon. In each race theContinue reading “1883”


In this post I am going to diverge a little from the history of the club to an interesting discovery that actually occurred after I had published my book. It has to do with this handsome trophy from 1882. It is highly decorated and beautifully inscribed  “Draper’s Challenge Cup. Presented by Wm.Orrock Esq; 6th ofContinue reading “1882”


The members of the club took energetic steps to place the club on a satisfactory basis this year both in points of membership and facilities afforded to acquire skill in rowing. Some seventy new members joined the club and in order to accommodate such large numbers two new four-oared boats were ordered from Melbourne asContinue reading “1881”


In the ten years that the club had been operating it had really grown and prospered. The boatshed had been enlarged, the fleet of boats acquired, including two yachts, that was the equal of any club in Victoria. With Henry Richards Caselli as president, Daniel Brophy as treasurer and Peter Cazaly as captain there hadContinue reading “1880”


It is worth starting this year’s summary with a description of Ballarat Regatta, Monday March10th, where the club won four out of the ten races on the day. This included the Senior fours race for the inaugural Sunbury Cup. The crew stroked by Arthur Gibbs with J. Fitzgerald, F. Tregaskis and William Dawson with F.Continue reading “1879”


The office bearers this season were again Mr. Caselli, president: Mr Emerson Baylee, secretary: Mr.Daniel Brophy, treasurer: Mr Peter Cazaly, captain and Mr. W. L. Matthews his lieutenant. The committee comprised Messrs. W. Hogan, L. Clark, J. FitzGerald, L. Flegeltaub, W. Dawson, F. Baker, Arthur Gibbs, H. Oyston and O. Turnbull This was the bestContinue reading “1878”